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Marathon Training Plan

February 20, 2011
I have never made a training plan before. The first one I ever used was from the Half Marathon Special Edition of Runner’s World. I followed the long runs religiously before I ran the Long Beach Half but I didn’t commit so much to the speed workouts. So before Surf City I focused heavily on both speed and distance and it really worked for me. There were not any premade plans that had everything I wanted  so I decided I try out my own plan.
Some things I really wanted in my plan:
-30 mile low range and 50 mile high range
-I wanted to do 2 20 mile runs
-Flexibility in the midweek runs
Since I will be training for the race in the final stretch of nursing school and in preceptorship I may have to trade around a lot of runs. Also, since I have 2 work weekends to worry about I had to put my long runs onto a Friday and a Monday on those weeks.
This was really hard to make. Thank God for Aron of Runner’s Rambles whose blog gave me tons of ideas and places to look. I found she was doing a lot of the same things I was she is just way more organized and had names for it. In addition to her blog I used the new adidas MiCoach program (more on this below) and a few different websites.
Here is a quick key:
Easy: easy runs that are about recovery. I have a hard time keeping it slow but this is the goal!
Interval: these are runs I am going to do with short bursts of speed over a few minutes. I am going to use the adidas MiCoach to decide what paces I want to do each week.
Tempo: My first week I will be doing a tempo at half marathon pace and then I plan to step it up. I will also use the MiCoach for these runs. Per my friend Laura’s request, I will be doing a post on how to do a tempo run soon 🙂
General Aerobic: These runs are supposed to be all feel.
Long Run: Long, Long, and Long. These runs I do by feel and try to keep it slower
Medium Long: Previously I have been doing this for all of my long runs especially with my focus on my half marathon PR. I usually take the first few miles slower and then at half way at the latest I speed it up and take the last mile as hard as I can.
So that’s the plan I will update you all through the process as it kicks off… tomorrow!
Mi Coach Review
If you haven’t seen MiCoach it is pretty cool. It is alot like the Nike Plus but it’s main difference is it’s major focus is pacing and time. When you make a training plan it takes into account where you want your pace/overall time to be and then makes a plan based on it.
-A green, yellow, blue, and red zone that are assigned to goal paces for your runs
-An assigned time so that no matter how your effort is going you always run to that time. This will be awesome for those days where I want to go by feel and effort rather than mileage.
-Hookup with the Iphone 4, 3GS, and 3g. I was able to transfer these workouts to my phone. Once you open it on your phone you can customize your settings. Aside from setting a playlist you can also customize a coach’s voice. I chose Reggie Bush because I like to watch Keeping up with the Kardashians. If you don’t have a compatible phone you can also buy a pacer which will connect with your MP3 player and give your time elapsed, heart rate, and coach you to get to your desired level. They also have a MiCoach Zone armband that will display the color zones of the work out as well as the time elapsed and heart rate.
-The schedule was a little hard for me to work with
-Instead of being able to put in a distance focus it only puts in the elapsed time you should be running. I prefer to be able to control my milage a little more.
-The kits are a little pricey, but they are also optional
Love and Hugs,
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