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A Birthday Cupcake Crawl

February 23, 2011

Yesterday, February 22, I turned 25. I was a little depressed about it because I had a simulation + a HUGE test to study for yesterday. It was not a day that I could take time to celebrate.

Regardless, birthday morning I woke up and decided that this was still my birthday and I was going to have a GREAT day anyway! I rolled out of bed and decided I was going to eat cake for breakfast because being an adult means you get to do stuff like that. Then I got an even better idea, I was going to eat a cupcake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Though I knew where I would be getting my cupcakes for lunch and dinner, breakfast was a little bit of a challenge. With a few frantic phone calls I found an open bakery.

Cupcake #1 Daisy Cupcake from French’s

This was not in Costa Mesa, it was in Mission Viejo.

The bottom shelf has all of their cupcakes

Voila! I chose the Daisy cupcake because Daisies are my favorite flower.

I’m sad to say I wasn’t impressed by French’s. There staff wasn’t too fun either. Let me give you an excerpt.

“Hi can I have a daisy cupcake?”

“Just one?”


“What is it someone’s birthday?”

“Yes it’s my birthday!”

“You are buying this for yourself?”

“Yep, I’m starting early”

Awkward silence then followed. His cupcakes tasted like they were from Ralph’s so he shouldn’t cop such an attitude. Regardless, I loved the daisy on the top and I was so excited to have cupcakes all day he couldn’t bring me down!

After school my bestest nursing school friends, Amanda and Neil, took me to lunch! I LOVE them, and then we went to Frostings



They are actually all about cupcakes!

Cupcake Porn….

I chose a raspberry truffle…. it was delicious even though it fell over in the bag


After a study sesh I headed to the house I am watching and out for a run. It was a beautiful afternoon and I really enjoyed running in a new area. Then it was dinner time and my sweetie picked up a dark chocolate cupcake from Sprinkles

It was my favorite cupcake of the day!

I’m pretty sure my mom is making me some for this weekend too!

Like I always say there is absolutely nothing (even an all nursing school birthday) a piece of cake can’t cure!

Love and Hugs,


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